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Jinan Xinguang Test Machine Manufacturing Co., Ltd. established in 2002, is a professional production, manufacturer and wholesaler of tensile testing machine in China.The company has electronic tensile testing machine, electronic universal testing machine, electro-hydraulic servo universal testing machine, hydraulic universal testing machine, static load anchoring testing machine, steel strand testing machine, engineering rubber press shear testing machine, compression testing machine, spring testing machine, wood-based panel testing machine and other series of production and manufacturing license and relevant production qualifications.Through the IS09001 international quality system certification , won the "Jinan ninth consumer satisfaction unit" title.The member of the working group of material testing machine of national force and hardness measurement technical committee, and participated in the drafting of national standard JF1296.1-2011 "static uniaxial test machine ...

About Us

In 2008, Our company settled in Xinguang industrial park with 120 employees.There are 32 professional and scientific research and development personnel, including CAD computer aided design system and measuring room.We have set up No.1 machine processing workshop,No.2 machining workshops, No.1 assembling workshop, No.2 assembling workshops, and intelligently baking paint houses and other supporting facilities.

  • Main uses of relaxation testing machine

    The steel strand relaxation testing machine is specially designed for the manufacturers and users of steel strands. The relaxation tester is mainly used for the relaxation test of steel strands. It can detect the uniaxial tensile relaxation strength of steel strands and other metal wires

  • Test process and advantages of anti-seismic support and hanger fatigue testing machine

    Operation performance of anti-seismic support and hanger cyclic loading test machine: Component load test:The parts shall be kept for 1min under the rated load, and the parts shall be free from damage such as fracture or permanent deformation Component load test:The testing machine circulates the test loading pipe with the same force value amplitude for 15 times through the electric cylinder Cyclic loading performance test:The force value amplitude of each cyclic loading is (15/14) 1/2 times that of the previous cyclic loading

  • Technical parameters of 5000kN long column pressure testing machine

    Main technical parameters of microcomputer controlled electro-hydraulic servo 5000kN long column pressure testing machine